So Watcha Want?

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Rants
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I’ve started listening to internet radio thru my mobile after my digital radio packed up last week (luckily the radio has an aux-in socket so I can use it as a sonic amp). Found a couple of good USA stations (181FM) which play mostly 90’s alternative tunes, the kinda stuff I grew up with like Alice in Chains, NIN, Cake, Offspring, Nirvana, etc. No Rollins Band as yet.

The first 2 x tunes on the radio this morning were ‘Love Spreads’ by the The Stone Roses and ‘So Watcha Want’ by the Beastie Boys. What a great couple of tunes to wake up to. You know you’re gonna have a good day no matter what happens after that.

The 90’s was just a magical time for me, the era when music really opened up and suddenly if were a metaller you were allowed to listen to rap, if you were a goth you could be into rave. It’s difficult to think back to the time before that when music was so segmented. You’d get beaten up for being a white kid at an Ice Cube gig or be frowned upon for turning up to a Prodigy gig in a Metallica t-shirt. I remember if you wore a soft-rock t-shirt (like Motley Crue or Poison) to a thrash gig you get stared back out of the front door or much worse.

For a time there the music was just great: Body Count, Rage Against the Machine, Ice Cube’s Predator album, The End of Silence, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Prodigy, Tool, just huge mash-ups of genres and inspirations. The kids today are into everything and genres are just blurred edges rather than closed doors and high walls. With this in mind, I wonder why 99% of modern music is just so fucking shite?


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