The Kids Are Alright

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

I keep hearing how the youth of today is apathetic, uneducated and apolitical but watching the news this morning I can’t help but think they’ve got it wrong.

When the people at the top are only looking out for themselves – and let’s face it, the financial meltdown we currently find ourselves in doesn’t seem to have affected the holidays of those in charge of running the country and paying off the banking world’s avarice by putting people out of work with their drastic cuts – the people at the bottom will take matters into their own hands.

If you want to run an economy (and culture) based on a cycle of work into wages into sales into profit and control the minds of your voters with expensive escapism, gadgetry and electronic nic-nacs, don’t be surprised that when the money runs out, the need is still there. Junkies cannot go cold turkey. It’s no surprise to see that, despite all the talk of local business being affected, the only shops I’ve seen on the news are multi-national trainer stores, Curry’s, Mobile phone shops, Apple stores, etc. Does this mean the real local stores aren’t important enough to show on TV?

If you’re going to let looters help themselves to 42″ big screen TV’s for 2 hours before the cops turn up (because the powers that be have cut ‘frontline’ policing numbers) and then show it all over the news the next day, it’s no surprise they’ll be more bargain hunters out the following night.

You see, the kids aren’t as stupid as you think. After all, why head down to the high street with all the other late night shoppers for your free Playstation when you can go straight to the distribution centre in Enfield and help yourself to a box full?

The have’s are busy referring to the riots and looting as ‘thuggery’ and ‘theft’ – they should know, after all it’s they who are still enjoying the spoils while stealing away jobs and telling us if you want an education, you have to pay a prolific price.

If you ask people to be smart and show ingenuity in the face of a downturn – as Cameron has – and then take away their jobs, security, education, livelihoods and hope, this is what you’ll get from the smart kids: they’ll go out and get for themselves.


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