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A friend of mine told me the other day that him and his wife have concluded that “you can’t tell me anything”.

This rebuke came after he told me that the whole financial meltdown the UK and world finds itself in is down to Bill Clinton announcing that every American had the right to own their own home and this in turn put pressure on the banks to lend to the “sub-prime” market (I wonder which marketing genius came up with that term?).

I didn’t disagree with what he said, merely pointed out that there was a lot more to the current mess than some Bill Clinton speech (incidentally, the thing I do know about Clinton is that he said a lot and did very little). You surely have to factor in rising fuel prices, over-population, growing scarcity of resources, freak weather leading to crop failures, global warming linked to this, political and financial avarice and the fact that rapacious capitalism has been screwing every last penny out of the ‘sub-prime’ for decades now. And of course, if you’ve read your ‘1984’, a good war / depression / economic collapse is great for politicians to do what they do best: fuck everyone else over for their own profit (see privatization of public resources).

Because my friend is a conservative twit with middle class pretensions he thinks all this is lefty, vegetarian, hippy rhetoric. He misses the very obvious point that I am not a vegetarian or a hippy and that my inspirations are drawn universally, not from some dim-witted, close-minded political point of view.

I guess my point is that he was partly right and partly wrong: no, you can’t tell me anything, not if you’re someone who gets their opinions from drinking in Floridian bars. If, however, on the other hand, you are an interesting, free-thinking, inspirational individual or organization who thinks outside of the mainstream then I’m all ears…


So Watcha Want?

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Rants
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I’ve started listening to internet radio thru my mobile after my digital radio packed up last week (luckily the radio has an aux-in socket so I can use it as a sonic amp). Found a couple of good USA stations (181FM) which play mostly 90’s alternative tunes, the kinda stuff I grew up with like Alice in Chains, NIN, Cake, Offspring, Nirvana, etc. No Rollins Band as yet.

The first 2 x tunes on the radio this morning were ‘Love Spreads’ by the The Stone Roses and ‘So Watcha Want’ by the Beastie Boys. What a great couple of tunes to wake up to. You know you’re gonna have a good day no matter what happens after that.

The 90’s was just a magical time for me, the era when music really opened up and suddenly if were a metaller you were allowed to listen to rap, if you were a goth you could be into rave. It’s difficult to think back to the time before that when music was so segmented. You’d get beaten up for being a white kid at an Ice Cube gig or be frowned upon for turning up to a Prodigy gig in a Metallica t-shirt. I remember if you wore a soft-rock t-shirt (like Motley Crue or Poison) to a thrash gig you get stared back out of the front door or much worse.

For a time there the music was just great: Body Count, Rage Against the Machine, Ice Cube’s Predator album, The End of Silence, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Prodigy, Tool, just huge mash-ups of genres and inspirations. The kids today are into everything and genres are just blurred edges rather than closed doors and high walls. With this in mind, I wonder why 99% of modern music is just so fucking shite?