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Cousin Stevie

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Reviews
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Okay, so it’s an “adult site” but fans of Porn: A Family Business’ Cousin Stevie should know you can email him directly from here. And when your prize fuck-up’s include hiring a fully equipped transsexual to launch a “straight” website, submitting his holiday snaps to appear on an ‘adult feature’ box cover & a knack for comic vignettes that make Frank Drebin look like a Butlin’s stand up its gotta be worth emailing just to wind him up…

Appeared in Blowback magazine // Reviews p.88 [Issue#10 Sept 2004]


Chomsky is not a man to argue with. As one of the 10 most quoted writers of all time, he has enough well-articulated facts and figures to piss on anyone’s Mr. Chips. Luckily for us he’s been a fierce political gadfly since the 60’s, a godfather figure for modern dissenters like Moore and Palast. His latest opus examines the Bush regime’s war on Iraq, terror and democracy, revealing the alarming shifts in law and ideology that leave us facing a stark choice…

Appeared in Blowback magazine // Book Reviews p.74 [Issue#4 Feb 2004]